24/48: Sergei Rachmaninov / Philadelphia / Ormandy - Rachmaninov. Piano Concerto 1 - RCA Victor 1940

Sergei Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto no.1 in F sharp minor, op.1
I: Vivace ~ II: Andante ~ III: Allegro vivace  

16/44 FLAC  https://mega.nz/file/Nd9T0KJL#U-PMkeltnYj1l4diXlNwVnhHqqJGNfnMTIqKvdbMf0Y
24/48 FLAC  https://mega.nz/file/sB012IRL#eRMu78ZGR7gX10KrzOSRsdtCSfx-aW8Y5qliuLpABRM

Sergei Rachmaninov, piano - The Philadelphia Orchestra  conducted by  Eugene Ormandy

HMV  DB 5706-8   Mint 1947 pressings. RCA matrices 2A045621-6. Recorded: 4 December 1939 & 24 February 1940 -Academy of Music, Philadelphia.

I'm very dubious regarding transferring from shellac (if the needle-crackle can be diminished the 'grunge' & waveform deformation still remains) and RCA's early '50's transfer (on HMV/Decca CSLP/RB) is pretty decent. Anyway..this transfer has the benefit of a) being Accurate..b) retains the original Dynamics (more than can be said for a PC4 sample from 'elsewhere'.......

STOLEN WITHIN HOURS on YOUTUBE!! -see my comments (!) on this link...